I suppose I should start at the beginning wherever that is.

Let’s begin with the name.

I was trying to think of a name for a gmail account and I wasn’t having much luck. I asked the wife for some ideas. That was a bad idea, I ended up calling her something not very nice.

“You are despicable” she shouted.

Now I should explain my wife is Spanish and speaks English with a lovely sexy accent but when she shouted “You are despicable” it sounded like DYKSPYKABLE. I kissed her, I apologized, we made friends in the usual way for couples (my memory might be faulty there) and I had [email protected]

So now what is DYKSPYKABLE.COM?

It is a wordpress “blog” site where I can be despicable, I can post lots of despicable things, comments, reviews, photos, videos and anything else I think qualifies.

Remember though I am DYKSPYKABLE so my cruel sense of humor might be at play.

You are free to comment on anything I post but I am very good at replies so be warned.

DYKSPYKABLE.COM is the place for people who laugh at people falling over, cats getting run over or mothers who have over active monsters instead of children.

DYKSPYKABLE.COM should not be taken serious or should it. Can we change the world? Exterminate disease and politicians?

We can talk about it and laugh or cry. Both are good.


are made to be broken.